Keck DRP Framework Documentation

This is the documentation for Keck Data Reduction Pipeline Framework package (KDRPF).

KDRPF is a general framework capable of running data reduction pipelines developed specifically for Keck instruments, but it can be used to run any type of data reduction pipelines.

It has been developed by the WMKO Data Reduction Project.

This document shows how to install the package, describes the key concepts behind the framework, and shows the steps necessary to run or develop a pipeline.


KDRPF has the following requirements:

  • Astropy
  • pandas


You can download the code by cloning this repository:

git clone

Change directory into the KeckDRPF directory and run:

python install

Note that you will download the develop branch, which is the default branch. To switch to the master branch, use:

git checkout -b master --track origin/master

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